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Top 10 Worst Jobs Ever · 1. Whales' feces tester · 2. Animal masturbator · 3. Diver in dangerous waste · 4. Elephants' inseminator · 5. Adult movie's theater cleaner. At best, removing roadkill is a sad job. At worst--once a carcass has had time to marinate in its own stank for a day or two--it becomes absolutely disgusting. Worst jobs ever! Reviewed in the United States on July 21, Very informative and entertaining. Parts of the book were very funny; while at the same time. Among the Worst Industrial Jobs in History are: Bridge builders, Canal leggers, bone cleaner to make bone china, bufferlass, knocker-up, soap boiler, Glass. Top 10 Worst Jobs That Actually Pay Well · # Dog Food Taster · #9: Golf Ball Diver · #8: Toll Booth Operator · #7: Crop Duster Pilot · #6: Oil Rig Worker · #5.

11 of the worst jobs ever · Armpit Sniffer · Port-a-Loo Cleaner · Pet Food Taster · Mosquito Researcher · Grave Digger · Snow Shoveller · Gold Farmer · Paint Research. Hands down, the worst job I've ever had was being a farm hand. I grew up in the middle-of-nowhere Virginia. There were no jobs, even for a lot. Those jobs sucked and were disgusting, but would take those any day over being stuck in a small room with a religious psychopath ever again. Manual labor where the company paid off OSHA so they could get away with massive health and safety breaches. Cold call sales. Jobs where I would. The Worst Jobs in America: Dirty, Shady, and Dangerous Work to Avoid. By Publisher | Last Updated January 10, What makes an occupation one of the. The best job I ever had was a dish pig. I was working at a ski chalet in France. Free food, free accom, free season lift pass, free beer and. 12 of the Worlds Worst Jobs · 1. SEWER SWIMMER · 2. STREET EAR CLEANER · 3. HEAD LICE ASSASSIN · 4. PEST CONTROLLER · 5. IRRITATING MOUTH ULCER · 6. FEET FIXERS · 7. Charts & Graphs. The Worst Jobs in the World. A matrix of unsavory employment. Previous Teamwork · Next Time Management.

For me anyway, this is in the top 3 worst jobs ever. Now, it could have been much worse, but in general, it wasn't pretty! Given that it is a sterilized lab, the work is not dirty per se. But what it lacks in dirt, it makes up for in worry. And Finally, Worst Job in The World title. Think you've got the world's worst job? It could be worse. You could be giving an elephant a probe, cleansing diseased feet, or diving into sewage. 16 of the Worst Jobs Through History · Nomenclator · Ship's Surgeon · Sin-Eater · Punkawallah · Whipping Boy · Soap Maker · Medieval Barber. The Worst Jobs in History is a British television series hosted by Tony See also edit · Dirty Jobs – US television series about disagreeable jobs; Dirty. List of High Paying Dirty Jobs in the World: · 1. Crime scene cleaner: · 2. Garbage collectors: · 3. Oil rig worker: · 4. Portable toilet cleaner: · 5. Crab. Then 'The World's Worst Jobs' is the book for you. From Victorian toshers who sifted London's sewage for treasure, to Roman gladiators who fought to the death. The Worst Jobs in History is a British television series hosted by Tony Robinson. Tony tries his hand at each of the jobs. Read on to check out our round-up of the worst professions in the world and what they pay. All dollar values in US dollars. lovemoney staff. 28 January

Explore an eye-opening list of the worst jobs. From dirty & dangerous to tedious & underpaid, discover the harsh reality of these professions. 20 of the worst jobs in the world. Espresso Communication. Posted: 10 April | Last updated: 10 April For every dream job that exists, there are. Here are 5 of the worst jobs I could find in my meandering. 5. Inside of the ass cleaner. I don't know the technical name for this job, but they basically stuff. 15 Odd and Worst Jobs in the World That May Make You Appreciate Your Work Everyone needs money to survive. One main source of earning is having a stable job.

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