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Career vocabulary list. 1. Interview. 2. Resume. 3. Response. 4. Background. 5. Applicant. 6. Objective. 7. Evaluate. 8. Salary. 9. Requirements. The meaning of words relating to employment or jobs ; Employee, Person who works for a firm or company. ; Employer, Person or firm who employs people. ; Fire, To. CEFR B2 Vocabulary - Lesson 19 ; attorney · a lawyer who represents someone in a court of law ; bartender · a person who serves drinks at a bar ; cab driver · a. A vocabulary list featuring fantastic jobs and careers. lifestyles found in fantasy and fiction. Vocabulary list with words of jobs and occupation - Learning English Online.

JOBS AND PROFESSIONS - VOCABULARY LIST · azafata air hostess · camionero lorry driver · empleado de banco bank clerk · oficinista office worker · taxista taxi driver. profession. Below is a list of different occupations and jobs that can be taught to the kids. Let's get to the lessons! Jobs and Occupation Vocabulary List. Job Names · Doctor: someone who is trained to help sick people. · Engineer: a person who plans, builds, or takes care of engines, machines, or buildings. · Tutor. A vocabulary list featuring fantastic jobs and careers. lifestyles found in fantasy and fiction. Employment ; owner. managing director. director. manager. boss. colleague. trainee. apprentice. volunteer ; to fire. to get the sack (colloquial). to resign. to. CEFR B1 Vocabulary - Lesson 5 ; barber · someone whose job is to cut men's hair or shave or trim their facial hair ; butcher · someone who cuts up and sells meat as. List of professions ; actress /actor/ architect / singer ; dentist / detective / writer / farmer ; nurse / pilot / engineer / accountant ; butcher / cashier /. Job search and interview vocabulary for ESOL students and other adult English language learners. A list of English words that are commonly used when. Job and Occupation Vocabulary Word List: Words by Theme: Vocabulary Word Lists: Vocabulary: English. A vocabulary list featuring jobs Practice An adaptive activity where students answer a few questions on each word in this list. Spelling Bee Students are. 1. Work/Jobs Vocabulary · A nine-to-five – A term used for a typical office-based job where the working hours are 9 am till 5 pm · A steady job – A job that.

Jobs and Professions · Management · Office workers · Banking and financial activities · Sales and stores · Medicine · School and college · Science · IT specialists. This “Job and Occupation” word list is full of careers to explore! It's in alphabetical order, from 'accountant' to 'zoologist'. This list can be useful for. Vocabulary for jobs and professions, listed with definitions, and a broader list for positions by department and profession or field. Occupations in Spanish ; camarero, taberno, mesero, mozo, bartender ; camionero, truck driver ; campesino, trabajador, farm worker ; carnicero, cortante, butcher. Double click on any word to listen to the pronunciation. (Allow popups). ; Technician · vet(s) ; Teacher · waiter(s)/waitress(es) ; Technician · welder(s). CEFR B2 Vocabulary - Lesson 19 ; attorney · a lawyer who represents someone in a court of law ; bartender · a person who serves drinks at a bar ; cab driver · a. Vocabulary list with useful words for jobs, occupation and emploayment - Learning English Online. List of occupations (jobs) ; policeman. postman. secretary. singer ; a policeman. a postman. a secretary. a singer ; soldier. taxidriver. teacher. waiter. Professions and Occupations · Accountant: A person that manages financial records, prepares tax returns, and provides financial advice to individuals and.

ESL Work Vocabulary Definitions · 1) What is the definition of Career? A) A person who makes bread or cakes by cooking them in an oven using dry heat. · 2) What. Employment Vocabulary Words · wage · apply · application · benefit · bonus · boss · business · career · cover letter · employee · employer · fire · full-time. Employment Vocabulary ; 10, perk, abbr. perquisite; something additional to regular salary [eg: free meals; a car] ; 11, personnel, n. the people who work for a. Essential Employment Vocabulary · commute is how long it takes you to arrive at work by car or public transportation. · work remotely – that means you can work. Career Vocabulary Words ; Job market, the need for workers and the kind of work available for them. ; Coworkers, people who work together in the workplace ; Work.

Help your students broaden their vocabulary with this pack of words for jobs and skills. Containing both a lower (easier) and upper (harder) list which each. English Vocabulary – List of Occupations ; stewardess, air hostess ; policeman, policewoman ; waiter, waitress ; prince, princess ; actor, actress. Other occupations vocabulary ; athlete: someone who does sports. ; administrative assistant: a person who does administrative or clerical work. ; manager: someone. haytarma.ru offers more than word lists. To see more Business word lists, go to the home page at for word games, interactive and printable.

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