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Scribes was a job most people in Ancient Mesopotamia sought after. Some things they would do would be writing down laws, religious text and treaties. They would. Working with the vizier were scribes who kept government records. These high-level employees had mastered a rare skill in ancient Egypt — they could read and. The lives of ancient Egyptian women were full of hard-work and very few opportunities to work outside the home. But if they did get the chance to do so, it was. Some of the jobs people in ancient Egypt had were Pharaohs, government officials, soldiers, scribes, merchants, artisans farmers and slaves. There are also. JOBS IN ANCIENT EGYPT | Why couldn't many people work as scribes? ; Walk like an Ancient Egyptian! SingKids! songs by Sue Bleazard · K views.

There were many professions that made up the ancient Egyptian society. Some of these jobs included farmers, scribes, craftsman, soldiers and priests; all. Other Occupations of Ancient Egyptians There were many other occupations in Ancient Egypt. The second most prevalent occupation was “scribe”. The scribes were. Jobs included bakers, priests, noblemen, soldiers, farmers, merchants, fishermen, hunters, craftsmen, artists, and scribes. There were many. They prepared food, cooked meals, cleaned the house, made clothing, and took care of the children. Poor women would help their husbands work the fields. Ancient Egyptians might become law officers, using sniffer dogs to track down criminals, or professional mourners, paid to throw dust over themselves at. The Egyptians built many canals and irrigations systems. They didn't make so many roads. Roads were not so important because they relied on the Nile for. Most peasants were farmers. Some accepted employment in the homes of the rich and noble as nannies or servants. All peasants were paid for their work. As a way. Bakers; Scribes; Priests; Doctors; Craftspeople; Merchants. Jobs were usually inherited from your parents – if your father was a farmer, it would be. This social class of Ancient Egypt was made up of priests and freepeople who had many jobs like government officials, soldiers, craftspeople.

The Work of the Scribes Ancient Egyptians kept What do you see? Page 8 Many officials were nobles who inherited their jobs, but some rose to power. Jobs for servants in ancient Egypt could include cooking, cleaning, running errands, babysitting children. Though being a servant was definitely one of the. What jobs did people have? · Bakers · Scribes · Priests · Doctors · Craftspeople · Merchants. Priests performed many of the most respected Ancient Egyptian occupations. They were astronomers and mathematicians, treasurers, healers, and architects. The. Priests in ancient Egypt were allowed to marry and their position was often hereditary · Jobs ranged from agriculture to mining, to the military, brewing, baking. The pharaoh got the rich peasants to do the farm work on the rich lands. Most villagers were farmers. Farmers lived in towns too, along with craftworkers. There were also jobs for weavers, metal workers, potters, carpenters, upholsterers, tailors, shoe-makers, glass-blowers, boat-builders, wig-makers, and. Other inherited jobs included doctors, teachers, bakers, fishermen, herders, boatmen, and traders. But just because your father was a doctor, you still had to. The backbone of ancient Egyptian society was agriculture, and the majority of the population were farmers who toiled on the fertile banks of the Nile River.

Egyptian social classes consisted (in descending order) of the pharaoh, the vizier, nobles, priests, scribes, soldiers, craftsmen, farmers, and slaves. What kinds of jobs did they have? Ancient Egypt was a complex society needing people doing many different tasks and jobs. Some of the jobs they had included. Ancient Egyptians might become law officers, using sniffer dogs to track down criminals, or professional mourners, paid to throw dust over themselves at. Fact 13 on Egyptians Jobs: The Multitude: The mass of the population were referred to as "the multitude" and were involved in work that was considered to be. These include farmers and agriculturalists who were located near and around the fertile Nile Valley; artisans and builders who constructed monuments and other.

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